How JEMPERLI works

JEMPERLI may help your immune system fight cancer

The immune system protects your body against bacteria and viruses that cause disease. It is made of many cells. T cells are an important part of your immune system. They help protect your body from infections and can even help fight cancer.

Immune checkpoints are part of the immune system. They help prevent the immune system from attacking healthy cells in your body. Immune checkpoints are turned on when proteins on T cells attach to proteins on other cells in your body. Cancer cells also have checkpoints on their outer layer. Sometimes cancer cells are able to use these checkpoints to hide from your immune system and escape attack.

How JEMPERLI works


One of the immune checkpoints is called the PD-1 pathway. T cells have a protein called PD-1 and cancer cells have a protein called PD-L1 on their outer layers. Cancer cells use PD-L1 to attach to PD-1 to prevent the T cells from finding and attacking the cancer cells. This allows the cancer cells to grow and spread.

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JEMPERLI helps T cells become active again. It does this by blocking PD-1 so it cannot attach to PD-L1. This allows the T cells to work the way they are supposed to, to find and attack cancer.

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