JEMPERLI offers meaningful results

JEMPERLI, an immunotherapy, was proven effective in a clinical trial of patients with recurrent or advanced mismatch repair deficient, or dMMR, endometrial cancer

JEMPERLI was studied in 141 patients with dMMR endometrial cancer that returned or spread and who previously received chemotherapy that contained platinum which did not work or stopped working.

What is the importance of dMMR in endometrial cancer?

JEMPERLI helped patients’ tumors shrink or completely disappear

Infographic with data showing how JEMPERLI (dostarlimab-gxly) helped women's tumors shrink or completely disappear. 42.3% of women had tumors completely disappear or partially shrink. Tumors completely disappeared in 12.7% of women. Tumors partially shrank in 29.6% of women.

*This does not always mean that the cancer has been cured.

Many patients in the study had a continued response with JEMPERLI

Image: Portrait of woman 2
Image: Portrait of woman 2

In patients who achieved a response, the duration of their responses (DOR) ranged from 1.2+ to 52.8+ months with the median DOR not reached. Follow-up for half of these patients was at least 27.9 months.

+ means still responding at last follow-up.

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How may JEMPERLI fight cancer?

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What are the side effects of JEMPERLI?

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